Local taste

Traditional tastes. Iberian specialties. Tapas. Seafood. Slow food. Vegan cuisine. Craft beer, wine, vermouth and other great stuff to drink. Chocolate, crema catalana, torrons. Specialty coffee. And everything in between.

Fusion cuisine

Umami salad with tuna tartare at Honest Greens restaurant

Umami and Other Tastes of Honest Greens. “Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life”, Anthony Bourdain said, and Honest Greens restaurant offers an exquisite context.

Teleferic restaurant Eixample

Teleferic restaurant. Right in the city centre, this restaurant merges the best Iberian classics with exotic flavours.

Cuines de Santa Caterina restaurant

Cuines de Santa Caterina. Located inside the Santa Caterina market, they use fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare tasty Catalan and Mediterranean dishes.

Tapas & pintxos

Catacroquet restaurant hummus croquettes pa amb tomaquet ensaladilla rusa

Catacroquet. My favourite place to eat croquettes and hummus.

Fabrica Moritz tapas patatas bravas and beer tasting

Fabrica Moritz. Here is where we went to have a craft beer tasting accompanied by tapas.

Parlament Cuina de Barri. Here’s where I had the best tortilla in town.

Blai 9 pintxos jamon

Blai 9. On a street full of pintxo bars, they stand out with creative mixes.

Vegetarian & vegan

El Petit Brot raw vegan burger lunch

El Petit Brot, or the little sprout, is where I had the best raw vegan lunch in Barcelona.

Teresa's Stairway flexitarian salad bar

Teresa’s Stairway. The most famous vegetarian chef in Barcelona Teresa Carles opened in El Born a healthy fast bar.

Hammocks avocado toast and Barcelona Addicted cold pressed juice

Hammocks. This bar if has colourful hammocks instead of chairs, and some of the best cold pressed juices I’ve tried so far.

Specialty coffee & sweet treats

Espai Joliu cafe specialty coffee and homemade dessert

Espai Joliu. Specialty coffee, homemade sweets, and lots of plants that decorate the cafe – make together a winning combination.

Satan’s Coffee Corner. No decaf, no wifi, no fun for children. Great coffee, and even greater breakfasts.

Escriba cakes near La Boqueria

Escriba. Their cakes and edible jewelleries taste just as good as they look.

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