Styles, shapes and stories of Barcelona

A carefully curated collection of architecture, art, local taste, and outdoor routes.

A street filled up with Modernist designs


Modernist routes


Modernist architecture is one of the main reasons Barcelona is most famous for. I enjoy finding both the most exquisite, as well as the lesser known Modernist gems of the city. Here are a few routes to discover them, and all the stories behind their styles and features.

There’s an amazing array of architects, designers and decorators of the beginning of the 20th century who left a great legacy, and defined a unique style that can’t be found anywhere else.




Contemporary architecture, local taste, activities, museums and art galleries. Grouped into lifestyle routes, or better said – ideas on how to spend an afternoon in Barcelona.

Take a look at lesser known places designed by famous architects in Barcelona. Find out about local artists. And check a carefully selected list of eateries.

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Architecture. From contemporary designs to amazing historical styles

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Barcelona is architecture, right? Find the most spectacular spaces and places to see! Read more.

Local taste. A gourmet immersion into the delicious side of Barcelona and around

Traditional dishes. Specialties. Seafood. Slow food. Vegan cuisine. Chocolate, sweet treats, specialty coffee. And everything in between. Read more.

Art & design. Museums, galleries, and stores. Exhibitions & ongoing events

“It’s all about perception, how each individual perceives things differently.” Just go ahead and discover a small collection of great art destinations. Read more.

Outdoor routes and destinations in Catalunya. Or one day away from the city

Mountain and sea, medieval architecture and Modernist buildings, local eateries or famous restaurants – you can have it all strolling around Catalunya. Read more.

Styles, shapes and stories of Barcelona

Flors de Gràcia. Let’s take a stroll in Gràcia and stop by some of the most original Modernist designs in the area.

Modernist Maresme. Ten stops to enjoy works by Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner or Josep Puig i Cadafalch among other Modernist architects. Coming up soon!

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