A way to Siurana. Incredible Tarragona (I)

They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Not only the destination, I would add.

We had no idea what to expect, as it was the first travel we made together – him, Catalan, me, guiri. He thought about a few stops on the way, including a nice place to have lunch at. I added a couple of places I wanted to see, not too far away from Siurana. With no clear plan, we headed off to this one-day trip which is, now that I think about it, one of the best I’ve ever made.  Here it goes.

First stop: Montferri

You may have read about the other Sagrada Família. This was something I really wanted to see – it’s a Modernist jewel, tucked away in a small village, created by one of the greatest Modernist architects and, above all, designed in an avant-garde manner.

Josep Maria Jujol i Gilbert, one of the most brilliant architectural minds of all times, designed a very complicated church which could be built with very simple materials and by people with no construction training whatsoever. He thought of a modular system of cement bricks which only needed a wood scaffolding in order to achieve an exquisite form. Read more here.

Second stop: Mas Miró

Art museums usually display paintings and sculptures, with short written explanations for those interested in. For someone really, truly and deeply interested in an artist, it’s quite interesting – but not enough.

For all those interested in understanding the art of Joan Miró, Mas Miró is much more than that short explanation – it’s a true glimpse into his life and work. Besides his studio – a dream place with amazing light, the house and the garden are key elements in understanding his work. Have you ever wondered where do his bright colors come from? Well, Mont-roig is the answer.

Third stop: lunch at Ca L’Angel

Ca L’Angel is a great place in the heart of the Pinell de Brai village. A lunch menu is EUR 25 per person, with drinks and coffee included, and you can enjoy that together with great views of the Serra de Pàndols mountains.

Fourth stop: the wine cathedral

This was a huge surprise for me. It seems that the Modernist architects were not only into flamboyant designs but also into functionality. There were quite a few Modernist architects who thought of both, when designing their project. Have you ever seen a winery which looked like a cathedral?

Last stop: Siurana

It’s time to forget the to-do list. While driving to Siurana, the mountain views make it so worth it that only a beautiful sunset can rival.

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