Modernist routes

Modernist architecture is one of the main reasons Barcelona is most famous for. I enjoy finding both the most exquisite, as well as the lesser known Modernist gems of the city. Here are a few routes to discover them, and all the stories behind their styles and features.
I am fortunate to live close enough to some of the architectural wonders of the city. These ones are actually on my street, just a few blocks away, so here is a glimpse into my post-confinement daily walks. Read more

I warmly recommend you add them to your map if you’re interesting in seeing just how playful and diverse the architecture of the beginning of the 20th century has been. Read more

This lovely neighborhood is filled with Modernist gems, and here are three of them. Read more

The four-petaled almond flower became, over the last century, one of the beloved symbols of the city. Read more
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