Art & design

Infusion of Bright Colours. Can Framis. My favourite contemporary art museum in Barcelona.

Girl Escaping… and many other humorous designs of Joan Miró.

Afternoon Tea at Sant Lluc. I don’t think there’s any other cafe in Barcelona with original Joan Miró or Subirachs drawings on the walls. 

The Kiss Joan Fontcuberta

The Kiss of Freedom. “What does freedom mean to you?”

Rock Your Mind. ” It’s all about perception, how each individual perceives things differently.”

Jean-François Rauzier - Barcelona Veduta

Barcelona the Hypercity. Jean-François Rauzier 

Books and the city. Sala Ciutat

Impression, Immersive Gardens. 360 degrees projections of Claude Monet’s paintings, at Ideal Barcelona.

The art of jewellery, the jewellery of art – the works of Joaquim Capdevila.

Silhouettes and Fashion. A journey throught five hundred years of style, at the Design Museum.

Glückauf? installation at MACBA

The Heart of Trees & Other Stories. Jaume Plensa at MACBA. “Sculpture is the best way to pose a question.”

Mediterranean Vibes. Octaevo

Barcelona Seen by Nicanor Garcia. 2018 photo exhibition at Roca Gallery

Inspired from Travels, Designed in Barcelona. Stories from Palo Alto Market

Inside Poblenou. A photographic project by Darius Koehli

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