Barcelona Seen By | Nicanor García

If you like Instagram, then you are probably already following him. And you already saw these pics. Still, if in Barcelona, go see his exhibition, it’s fantastic. And runs until May 24th.


This photographic exhibition by Nicanor García is a great visual reflection of the city space through different moments and the most original angles.


Nicanor García, born in Barcelona, architect, photographer and professor of architectural projects at the UPC, has made himself known on his Instagram account, one of the most successful on this network, with more than 700 thousand followers.

His images are unique and narrate the most exquisite architecture of our cities. He uses light to define each of his images almost graphically, which gives each photograph its own identity beyond the space or architecture it represents.


The exhibition is made up of a selection of photographs that string together a visual discourse and that are grouped into series centered on different themes, to create a transversal sequence that explores and values ​​spaces, regardless of whether they are urban, architectural or natural.

Many of them are from Barcelona, while others – from travels around the world.


The temporary exhibition ‘Places & Spaces. Transversal Architectures’ is simultaneously running in Lisbon too, also at the Roca Gallery.


All photos in the images are by Nicanor García

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