The Tapas Plan | at Catacroquet

At Catacroquet in Poblenou things are quite simple: you can choose from the menu either croquettes or “no croquetables”. My advice is to go for a mix of 6 croquettes and as many tapas as you feel you can share with your friends. Everything is tasty and worth trying.

We started with the strong point of the place, the croquettes – that change every season and are filled with surprising ingredients. Among them: Madrid beef stew, potato tortilla, hake and shrimp, or cheese. They also serve vegetarian croquettes like the ones with broccoli and olives. All of them are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, without being oily at all.


Besides croquettes there are other things on the menu like flat bread with roasted vegetables, a delicious hummus duo, of beet and lentils, a or a surprising eggplant mille-feuille (with tomato, pesto, pine seeds and mozzarella).


Also in the menu we can find other interesting associations such as tuna marmitako with squid, or fried eggs with Piemonte truffles and truffled salami of Umbria. 


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