Inside Poblenou. A Story by Darius Koehli

Between the beach and the new Diagonal Mar avenue and its Forum, Diagonal 00, Torre Agbar or Gloriès, Poblenou is a special place to see. This exhibition showcases, photographically, the wonderful diversity of the district.


Darius Koehli is a photographer from Switzerland who lives in Barcelona. This project documents the transformation of Poblenou district since 2005 til 2017, changing from an industrial area to today’s mix of 22@, Poblenou Urban District, old warehouses, hip stores and cafes, coworking places, studios, design and art schools, 19th century blocks and skyscrapers.


“Poblenou is a neighborhood that has always stood out for its dynamic popular culture. In the past 30 years, it has seen how the construction projects for the Olympic Games in 1992, the 22@ technology district and the arrival of tourism have spurred on new urban and productivity models, changing the face of the neighborhood and its traditional social network.

The photographs in this exhibition show how urban processes are not uniform or sudden, they go hand in hand with different ways of understanding social relationships, leisure and work, as well as time and space” AFB explains.

The exhibition shows a selection of photographs from the Artxiu Fotografic de Barcelona collection that leads us to the photographs of District 22@ by Darius Koehli, in a timeline that goes from 1872 until 2017.


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