Sunday by the Sea

There are few things in life that can get better than a sunny day by the sea, in my opinion at least. And if this sunny day is also not when you’d expect it, in the middle of summer, but in the (otherwise pretty chill) early January, well then you simply can’t beat this.


Even in winter, by midday, on the beaches of Barcelona, you can feel the sun warmth. There are days when you can stay only in shirt, and put the jacket on when headed to back to the city. Then, there are only a few people on the beach. Obviously, the water is ice cold. And the wind is the same. But the sun manages to warm pretty well and, above all, there’s this feeling that you can disconnect from the city while still being so in the middle of it. This feeling of being able to take a real Sunday vacation, like you’d go somewhere far away.

My favourite beaches are the ones in the north of Barcelona. And my favourite thing to do is to take the bike and go near Forum, enjoy Platja de Llevant and then walk down or take the bike down to Platja de Marbella.


Every now and then, I stop by La Base by Faré to have a tapa and a caña. Their terrace is right near the water sports base on Marbella beach and the table you take two steps and you’re back on the beach.

I like a lot the tortilla de patatas here. Also el pan con tomate is great. Actually, all menu is  simple and very tasty, well maybe except for the patatas bravas, as I personally like the potatoes cut as for bravas and not as for french fries, and the sauce can get a whole lot better, but overall everything was great. And you can’t beat the location.


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