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Vegan Brunch at Hammock

The inviting setup of suspended hammock seats in the Eixample is a no WiFi zone for relaxing and having vegan food, detox juices and a moment of fun while swinging.

Hammock Juice Station offers abundant toasts with veggies, such as this avocado with cherry tomatoes, chia and nicely toasted pumpkin seeds. Lots of bowls – Acai among them. Smoothies, fresh pressed juices and cold pressed juices. You can add-on super – ingredients: Goji berries, chia, Spirulina and matcha. Try the Barcelona Addicted juice and enjoy a super mix of apple, beetroot, lemon and fresh ginger that gives a nice spicy touch.


The interior design project by Catalan duo Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo from Egue y Seta sets the perfect scene for you to swing with a fresh juice in hand, to experience a moment of joyful relaxation assisted by the hammock and its dynamic load, the perfect way to start the new year in a healthy and positive way.

“At aesthetic level, such as fruit juices, Hammock’s interior design is colorful and changing, due to the colored fibers of the hammocks and the hanging plants that crown the premises; of contrasting textures that combine the rough roughness of the brick with the shine of bare iron or the transparency of the glass; of freshness and warmth in equal parts, contributed by polished cements, textiles and wood respectively; and of a decided denial of the artifice that had tried to “refine” all of the above under layers of synthetic lacquers and multi-colored light beams. The latter, such as air conditioning or heating, sweeteners, preservatives or everything produced in series, is at odds with the “philosophy” of its owners, and if we see lamps, furniture and decorative elements of industrial type, it is probably because are these elements that we would find furnishing an authentic, old establishment, in the town market or local production” Egue y Seta say.


“The owners, Kate Matchenko and Marina Darchenkova from Belarus, dreamt of opening a place where people could relax and immerse themselves in a sense of wanderlust, and they thought that hammocks encapsulated that unique feeling”, as Barcelona-Metropolitan say.

Hammock Juice Station provides a wide variety of super juices full of vitamins and energy. The offer is well-cared and of quality, the smoothies are cold-pressed to ensure the intact maintenance of the properties of the beverage, the cookies, lunches, toasts and cakes are interspersed with cupcakes and healthy bowls of super foods.

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