Mapping Poblenou | LLUM BCN

Poblenou neighbourhood is, for the first time, the background of Barcelona’s Light Festival, LLUM, to be held on February 16 to 18.


Poblenou has a peculiar physiognomy with its industrial past and its currently immersion in turning into a new district devoted to technology, innovation and creativity. During the whole weekend of LLUM BCN, everything will be transformed by light designs and video mappings.


This seventh celebration of Llum BCN features a large number of shows and by Spanish and international contemporary artists and by students at the city’s schools of art, design, lighting and architecture.


This year, the creatives will also respond to the challenge of completely transforming spaces through light and sound. The installations are mostly site specific and designed or adapted especially for this event.

Just a few of the installations:

Axioma 3D Mapping Show


Axioma is a site specific, stereoscopic 3D mapping show, created by Onionlab. The images are projected onto a building front, and must be viewed using special glasses that are given out to spectators before the show begins. The work centres around an interpretation of geometry as the branch of mathematics used to study the properties of geometric shapes – points, straight lines, planes, curves, surfaces, polygons, etc. Axioma is a fascinating journey through different stages or dimensions: Dimension 0, the point; Dimension 1, the straight line; Dimension 2, the plane; Dimension 3, volumes; Dimension N, complex geometric bodies.

Xiu Xiu Video-mapping


Xiu Xiu is a dialogue between people and the public space, conducted through noise and light. It is a creation that transforms the façade of the Disseny Hub Barcelona building into a huge ear that listens and reacts to words. Xiu Xiu is a mapping on the front of this building that interacts with BruumRuum!, the light art graphic on the ground created by David Torrents and arte3 Studio, and which, in turn, interacts with the city’s ambient noise. A work revolving around noises and onomatopoeia that uses animated images to link façade and ground.

Guest Artist Show

The guest artist at Llum BCN 2018 is Monique Savoie, a Quebec video artist and founder of the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) of Montreal. In Barcelona, SAT, foundation for art and new technologies, will showcase a selection of the best immersive projections.



‘Bouquets d’abat-jours’ are transforming a whole street into an amazing sight.
The project  is designed by T-I-L-T (France) and comprises a series of lights in the shape of traditional domestic lamps that we might find in any living-room, installed, in gigantic size, in the city streets. At the end of their delicately curved stems, white screens flower, revealing their surprising, magical colours at night. Like the free-moving, coloured fragments in a kaleidoscope, these lampshades transmit infinite images in alternating, beautiful colours to reveal a dreamlike, modern universe.


This creation is inspired by flex lamps, those popular articulated desk lights associated with nights spent studying. These lamps are objects that, in one way or another, we now consider part of our cultural heritage. Lampounettes tips its cap generously to this familiar application, and the large-scale version by TILT enables flex lamps to conquer new places and to illuminate urban public spaces with their beams of warm colour.

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