Walk the Barrio. Poblenou, Open Night

Twice a year, a networking event opens the doors of many of the warehouses, workshops, coworking spaces, art galleries and shops in Poblenou.


Known as the creative district of Barcelona, Poblenou now hosts some 80 locations that present their work, bring live music or shows, and build a pop up bar to serve everybody a beer or wine, or food.

Makerspace Route

The Open Night event creates two routes on the map: the Makerspace circuit, when the network of creators, digital innovators, manufacturers, small artisans, designers and technological research spaces opens their doors, offering demos of robotic manufacturing, 3-d printing or laser cutting.

There are local fashion stores like La Bazart, original workshops like Pentaculo, vinyl Ultra-Local Records music shop to visit, but also the Academy of Art of Barcelona is open, displaying free-entrance exhibitions.

One of my favourite places is La Plataforma, a cool art gallery for vanguard contemporary creations that prepares special installations but also a food bar, a drinks bar plus nice live DJ sets for people to dance inside the art gallery or in the back patio.

Be it art gallery, cafes, florist shops or wood workshops – hey all have a special Open Night bar serving coffee, beer and wine, some of them also offer food bar, live music, or a club’s atmosphere.

Windows Route

The second route, The Windows Art Circuit, showcases painters who make multimedia, photographers who make installations, illustrators who make murals, sculptors who paint, multidisciplinary artists… It is a tour of spaces, where art is projected unconventionally. This is Nasty Garage, for example, a place that displayed photography and vintage clothes, besides their permanent collection of cars, motorcycles, skateboards and rarities.

More on the concept of Poblenou Urban District: http://www.poblenouurbandistrict.com/en/



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