Rock Your Mind

“It’s all about perception, how each individual perceives things differently, how things can change and looked at from a different angle or point of view” says Nemo Jantzen, the author of this artwork.


This artwork is part of a series of beautiful portraits created in tiny transparent hemispheres with their flat back printed with various icons and photos.

Ranging from the logo of Rolling Stones to vintage illustration and urban photos, the prints’ colours generate the overall image of the face, which is pretty big in scale, 1.5 by 1.5 metres, so when getting closer the portrait disappears completely and the details take over.


By de-fragmenting an image in to as little information the human eye needs to recognize and process the information I end up with an abstract color pallet of pixels, color pixels that I then re-fragment again with as much information possible by incorporating thousands of photographic images in resin spheres selected and separated by theme and color, that together form the larger image “The big picture” if you like. Resulting in these three dimensional, multi leveled works that depending on your distance, angle or ones idealized perception determine what the eye of the beholder is looking at.

Rock Your Mind is on display at Villa del Arte, the gallery right near the Cathedral of Barcelona.

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