City Layers


The light changing, the people passing by, the sounds are essential to the city still hard to catch in pictures. This is why this French photographer uses several shots in a single image to re-create certain densities and intensities. The purpose of these images by LDK Photo is to accurately convey an impression of frenzy which results from people moving around or crowds filling the spaces – here, at Parc Güell or the Apple of Discord in the centre of Barcelona.

“Along the streets, the lights, the noise, the traffic, the swarms of pedestrians, the blend of smells, are so fascinating that no single shot can entirely capture it. Do choices have to be made? I don’t think so: I don’t want to” says Laurent Dequick (LDK Photo).


The photographer created a series entitled “Vibrations” and shot in various cities around the world including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Valencia or New York among others. To translate this urban life congestion into an image, he juxtaposes, superposes or inlays the shots and with the same intensity he overlaps photographs representing architectural complexes, main traffic routes and people and he condenses the images like the city condenses the sum of its inhabitants.


Some of his photos of Barcelona can be seen at Yellow Korner on Carrer de Petritxol.



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