Espai Joliu

Espai Joliu is a concept store and café that looks like an interior garden, and that’s because they filled their space with the plants (beautiful plants of all sizes and many cacti) they’re also selling.


But that’s not all. Espai Joliu (by the way, the name translates into pretty space – and indeed it is!) has its own little bookstore with lifestyle magazines, fashion and travel publications and specialty coffee books, a carefully curated collection including everything from  Kinfolk to Urban Jungle and from Cereal to Standart. In addition to plants and books, there’s also a bunch of cool illustrations and handmade ceramics, created by various artists from the same barrio of Poblenou, on sale here.

Their coffee comes from local coffee roasters and also close neighbours Nømad Coffee. The menu includes plenty of vegan options and offers simple yet super tasty toasts and bagels, plus delicious sweets, from their chia pudding with almonds, blueberries and frozen dry raspberries to various cakes and, on each Friday, the vegan donuts from La Donutería.


In addition, there are the daily homemade sweets displayed at the bar: cakes, cookies, granola mixes or croissants, with plenty of vegan options.


The space has an industrial air and the ambiance is quite cosmopolitan as most people who work around Poblenou come here for a chat or to open their laptop and work a bit, and you can hear lots of languages: French, Russian, Italian, English… I particularly like sitting closer to the plants area, savour the excellent coffee, a sweet bite (in this case, the vegan chocolate and pistachio cake, sprinkled with dry rose petals) and simply enjoy the cool vibe of the place.

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