Etnia Barcelona

A store that looks like a luxury Modernista space filled with unique vintage items, art books and trendy eyewear? Yes, please.


There are many places that proudly stand for being 100% inspired and made in Barcelona and, from them, eyewear brand Etnia Barcelona should be, in my opinion, on everybody’s list for trending design and fashion, especially as they’ve got this special and artfully designed flagship store.


Made in Barcelona and inspired by the city and the Mediterranean lifestyle, Etnia Barcelona shaped their visual identity using bold interplays. They rely on vanguard art, top materials and bold design in order to tell a unique story about high-quality eyewear. Owned by David Pellicer and created over 17 years ago, the Barcelona-based eyewear label has become a top-selling European brand across the world. For their limited-edition designs they have worked with renowned photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki or Steve McCurry, and paid tribute to Yves Klein or Jean-Michel Basquiat. “At Etnia Barcelona we craft our story through our work with the legends of the world of art and photography” they say.


Etnia’s flagship store in the trendy El Born district extends the identity of the brand in a stylish design. The 800 sqm retail space, remodelled by architect Jordi Tió Sauleda and designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, is a veritable eyewear temple featuring their entire collection of eyewear. The flagship is set in a Modernista building in the trendy district of Born with two floors dedicated to retail, as well as showrooms, workshops, and a private rooftop terrace bar overlooking the stunning Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. The façade has been strictly preserved respecting the original appearance of the building.


Inside, from the colourful tiles embedded in the parquet to the styled elevator that runs between the floors, the design abounds in Catalan touches. Oak wood fixtures, lots of plants and flowers, art books and art pieces create a warm ambience and the eye-catching vintage barber chairs add a surprising touch.


The store also stocks art monographs and photography books to underline the brand’s relationship with the world of the arts, a focus for many of their limited edition sunglasses.


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