Teresa’s Stairway

A fast bar for slow food, Teresa’s Stairway addresses the street with a colourful display of their selection of activated h2o-s and cold-pressed juices.

The menu includes fish burgers and salads and many vegetarian options plus some delicious sweet indulgences. The choices at Teresa’s Stairway can be described as flexitarian, or semi-vegetarian, thus mainly plant-based and with the occasional inclusion of fish. Around the world, flexitarianism is becoming increasingly popular, also thanks to high-profile champions including Sir Richard Branson, Emma Thompson and Jamie Oliver, who all support the Meat-Free Monday campaign started by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009.

Teresa’s Stairway menu is a great illustration of what semi-vegetarianism can look like. Many of the dishes are plant based, but there is also salmon and yellow fin tuna burgers and salads.


I also like their doughnuts – non-fried, made with almond and coconut flour and, like the one below, glazed with honey and maple syrup, and topped with quinoa and seeds.


Teresa’s Stairway is just one of the several locations of Teresa Carles, self-made chef and experienced in vegetal and natural products, in charge of her eponym Healthy food chain since 1979. The chain also includes Flax&Kale where you can try many vegan interpretations of the Catalan cuisine such as the crema catalana vegana.

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