Petit Brot, the Tasty Little Sprout

Petit Brot is an organic cold-press juice bar, just a few steps away from La Boqueria Market, in the area of Raval. They promote a sustainable, ethical and healthy lifestyle, from the menu to the interior design materials.

Local, organic, raw vegan, sustainable, ethical, fair trade, gluten free – that’s how the menu of Petit Brot is described. They offer 100% organic, living cold-pressed juices, wheat grass shots and super food smoothies, prepared in front of your eyes. The menu includes raw-vegan meals and desserts.

The space of the bar received a particular attention, as it was created “using bio-construction techniques, with walls made of natural and biodegradable materials, non-toxic mineral paint, bamboo floor and wooden items from sustainable forests, electricity from renewable sources, among others.”

Petit Brot is run by Laura and Ales, a young couple that wishes to “offer and promote conscious, sustainable, ethical and truly healthy food & lifestyle with a vision of a better and healthier world. Our drinks and foods are handmade, and are prepared with 100% plant-based and unrefined raw ingredients just as Nature provides them!”

One of the most original touch I found, here, are the sprouts trays that beautifully decorate the interior.

The sunflower ones (photos above) are, as Ales explains, among the healthiest of sprouts you could choose to eat (they contain 20-25% protein with all essential amino acids and are considered a complete protein-rich food. Also, the sprouted seed is high in natural enzymes, vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins as well as the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, zinc, selenium, potassium and phosphorus).


Petit Brot offers a lunch menu that changes every week. I went there last Thursday, when they were serving their Wild Burger with Salad – a joyful explosion of textures and tastes with a subtle spicy touch (from a tiny bit of cayenne in the beet) and, obviously, lots of sprouts in the salad. Plus a tasty dessert of crunchy pear, sweetened with dates.

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