Fusion Tapas at Telefèric Restaurant

There’s so much offer of eating out to a restaurant in Barcelona and so many tourist traps, especially in the city center, that could be quite a challenge for someone who is new in town finding not just regular food but some creative flavored dishes and knowing where to get let’s say a bit more refined tastes than the usual ones. The Taste of Barcelona Tour would be incomplete without having a stop with our guests at Telefèric, for getting a Tapas Tasting Experience. We had the chance to get there right after Chef Alejandro Matoque had changed the menu and most of the plates were totally new for us.


We had Mahon Cheese Fritters topped with honey and lemon dressing as starters, then each ordered a Taco of tuna tartar with some drops of Chipotle mayonnaise on top. Ok, now we can share eating the Smoked Tartar that has just came up to our table. The chef himself picks up the glass bowl and lets oak smoke literally spread out into the air, making our mouths water.


Basically, we’re full, after already having 3 tapas but I’m dying to taste one Terrine de Foie. It’s a foie mousse set on an original textured cereal base and topped with sweet cherry and red caramelized onions frosting.


Time to sip from our wine glasses and say Cheers, friends! I’m having a red one, called Bicicletas y Demonios, so let there be bikes and demons running to my mouth, actually is a smooth Tempranillo wine coming from the famous Ribera del Duero region. The guys from Teleferic team and the Chef really have to be congratulated for the good work they’ve done by launching such of a modern creative and elaborated menu, fusing so many flavors with the local cuisine. So Fancylicious…


Teleferic restaurant have 4 locations from which 2 are in Barcelona. You can find more on their website www.teleferic.es/ and by joining our tour of tastings.


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