Satan’s Coffee Corner

“No decaf, no wi-fi, no fun for children.”  Satan’s Coffee Corner is a pretty cool place. The bar is open, the kitchen is open, the windows are from floor to ceiling, the music is good and the coffee is divine.

The place is basically designed so that the barista welcomes you and, once you’re seated, you feel like inside the bar: in front of you, there’s the espresso machine where he is preparing your coffee.

Two steps away, on your right, there’s breakfast, created in situ by a Japanese chef (and artist).

The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can enjoy the omnipresent theme of Satan in many illustrations created by various artists and hung on the walls.

Marcos Bartolomé opened Satan’s Coffee Corner a few years ago. In its beginnings, Satan’s Coffee Corner was just a window for takeaway coffee, without tables or chairs, a constant transforming space, in Raval, actually Barcelona’s smallest coffee shop. From there, he moved to the rear of a bicycle shop and, now, to a nice welcoming space in Call, pretty close to Plaça Sant Jaume.

Illustration by Joaquim Adimensional

Coffee comes from all parts of the world, from Ethiopia to Columbia and from Morocco to Jamaica, it is roasted by Right Side (Castelldefels) and Cafés El Magnífico (Barcelona) and varies according to the time of the year and the harvest of the respective countries.

The Menu
The menu welcomes you right on the wall facing the entrance. Besides the Drinks, they serve Japanese breakfast, cereals and milk, soups and salads, sandwiches and sweets.
My Satan's Breakfast
Red Birtcher with Coconut Yogurt, Stone Fruit, Pistachio and Bourbon Syrup, € 5.20
The Coffee of the Week Varies According to Harvests and Roasting Details
About two months ago, the coffee of the week was, for instance, Miraflores, from Colombia, produced by Diego Alexander Martin, with aromas of caramel, tropical fruit and almonds. ‘It’s a silky coffee, with defined, elegant and complex taste, with notes of nougat, and with a bilberry and sweet mandarin like acidity. Creamy with a long lasting taste of milk chocolate’ as they say on the table tents.

Besides this cafe in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, there’s one more Satan’s Coffee  near Plaça Tetuán, at hotel Casa Bonay.

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