Cakes and Edible Jewellery at Escribà

Escribà is an historic patisserie and cafe, specialized in homemade cakes, croissants, chocolate, bonbons and edible jewelry. It is a family business, now run by its fourth-generation pastry chef, Christian Escribà.

Escribà Facade

Pastelería Escribà is located right in the heart of the city, on Las Ramblas 83, close to Boqueria market, in the beautifully adorned building of Antigua Casa Figueras. Charming and intricately decorated, the place was originally a pasta factory, founded in 1820.

The Facade: mosaic and stained glass details
The building was completely re-decorated by painter and stage designer Antoni Ros i Güell in 1902, in the Modernist style. He worked with the most famous artists and craftsmen of the times to create mosaics, Art Nouveau decor, sculptures and displays that are meant to make anyone wish to discover the interior.

The cakes especially bring back the child in anyone, recreating mysterious or imaginary worlds, and the chefs Escribà can truly be regarded as designers. Still, beyond the glitter and elegance of edible jewelry and edible decorations, a visit to this shop on Las Ramblas can also mean a chance to taste the delicious pastries, croissants and specialties that will most likely introduce you to the atmosphere of Barcelona.

Pastelería Escribà was the first place in the city (1961) to make its own recipe of butter croissants, one of their star products, even today. But it’s the cremadet that you should try, here, as it’s a type of pastry that simply cannot be found somewhere else.

Cremadet is a crisp piece of pastry filled with all time crema catalana and caramelized on the outside. The recipe belongs to Escribà since 1976.

The history of Escribà begins in 1906 as the Forn Serra bakery, on the street of Gran Via. The place quickly became one of the loved bakeries in town, then the pastry chef Escribà joined the family, in 1929. In 1933, the second generation of Escribà changed the name and designed the logo that is still in use, today.  The pastry became famous especially for the window display during Easter.

In 1986, the second cake shop opened on Las Rambla by the third generation – Antoni Escribà i Serra or, as he was usually described in those times, the Mozart of Chocolate –  who pioneered the art of chocolate creations and figurines.


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