Parabolic wonders. The sanctuary of Montferri, a Modernist jewel

Some say it might be the other Sagrada Família, and not because of its dimensions. This sanctuary built in a small town of Tarragona is one of the most original pieces of Modernist architecture, and was finished 74 years after the first stone had been laid.

Parabolic wonders. The wine cathedral of El Pinell de Brai

No wonder they call it the wine cathedral. This cellar in Pinell de Brai, Terra Alta, is the work of architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet, and was built between 1918 and 1922. The entire interior of the winery is divided by wide-span, roof-bearing parabolic arches, which make the entire space look indeed like a cathedral.

A Route of Jean Nouvel’s Barcelona

A tower, a park, and a restaurant – they all have in common the name of the architect, French-born Jean Nouvel. For contemporary architecture lovers, these are some destinations not to be missed.

My Barrio. Carrer de València

I am fortunate to live close enough to some of the architectural wonders of the city. These ones are actually on my street, just a few blocks away, so here is a glimpse into my post-confinement daily walks.