The house of lilac shutters. Casa Jeroni Granell

The blocks of Eixample are an array of designs created in all the architectural styles of the last one hundred years. Some are contemporary, some others are rationalist, neoclassical or Modernist. Usually, the last ones are interesting visual surprises, as their facades always have a story to tell, be it in the shape of the sgraffito, or with the help of sculptures, or because of the use of colours.

This is Casa Jeroni Granell on 122, Girona street, finished in 1903. The thing that first caught my attention was the colour of the shutters, and apparently so did everybody when the house was finished.

As other buildings designed by Geroni Granell, the house bears his name because he was not only the architect, but also the owner, the constructor, and the promoter.

And in this case it seems he was also the designer of the stained glass pieces, produced at his Rigalt i Granell workshop. If this detail doesn’t say much to you, then think about the ceiling of Palau de la Música Catalana. Impressive, right? Well, the stained glass ceiling of the Palau is also the work of the same Rigalt i Granell.

The entrance hall takes the theme of the lily flower and plays with different sizes, colours and techniques, from the green sgraffito of the walls, with oversized flowers, to the plaster of the ceiling or the stained glass above the entrance door.

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