Mediterranean Charm. Sant Pol de Mar

Sant Pol de Mar is at about 40 minutes by train from Barcelona, on the coast of Maresme. The place has a bit of everything: narrow winding streets, medieval churches, Modernist mansions, places with good food, pine-covered hills and, above all, ten beaches to its name.

My Barrio. Carrer de València

I am fortunate to live close enough to some of the architectural wonders of the city. These ones are actually on my street, just a few blocks away, so here is a glimpse into my post-confinement daily walks.

Girl Escaping, The Caress of a Bird and Other Playful Creations by Joan Miró

This is a virtual escape into the playful world of art. If you haven’t been to the Joan Miró Foundation, or have been there and miss it, this is a tour of one of my most beloved places in Barcelona.