Black and White Perspectives by Joan Alsina. On Matter

Espacio BCN Sobre materia exhibition Joan Alsina black and white photography

“Photography helps people to see” said American photographer Berenice Abbott. It also helps people to feel more intensely what they see, I’d add to that.

I recently discovered Espacio BCN. The gallery is located on Enric Granados, and I was instantly attracted by the enormous black and white photos which can be seen right away from the street.

Portraits and details of the human figure, some of them poetic, some others — beautifully strange, almost abstract, are gathered as showcase of the work of Catalan photographer Joan Alsina.

The exhibition is entitled On Matter. The body is the matter, here, and Alsina uses clay, water, typography or light to enhance the texture of the skin or to accentuate the body lines in such a way that he gives an incredibly tactile feeling to the photos. Also, the format is big. Many of the photos displayed have two metres height, so tiny details like the lines of the hand become the main protagonists.

Ten handcrafted stone sculptures by Pep Codó complete the Matter sense of the exhibition. The abstract shapes gracefully complement the portraits and the smooth texture of the stone is, well, as soft as skin.

Get a feeling of the expo:

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