Camelia Art Café. Plant Oasis

Lots of plants, cushions with floral patterns, and an extensive collection of China cups and pots for coffee and tea: these were the details that immediately caught my eye when I went to Camelia art café for the first time.

Camelia Art Cafe interior

Camelia is cozy and chic, and it’s definitely an oasis to escape the mundane world outside. Close to Avenida Gaudí and Sagrada Família, this café is the right place for spending an afternoon with a friend, or starting the Sunday with a sweet treat. As a big fan of specialty coffee, let me just say that they have one of the best, in the area.

I go to Camelia every once in a while. It’s one of these places that make time stop, and leave room for a relaxed conversation or some reading. Besides, here I’ve had one of the best matcha lattes ever, as well as some gorgeous hot chocolates, not to mention the sweets!

Camelia Art Cafe hot chocolate

These vintage china cups always make me think of my childhood, and my grandma house. At Camelia, they come in all shapes and sizes. But, for being thin and delicate, they also break easily, and the barista once told me it was quite challenging to find the right temperature so that the china doesn’t break but the coffee is right.

Camelia Art Cafe espresso machine

As tastes to go with a coffee or a tea, I strongly recommend the lemon and rosemary cake, it’s a fantastic combination of soft dough with fresh notes of fruit and this aromatic plant which I haven’t tried in sweets, before.

Camelia Art Cafe espresso and rosemary cake

Another good choice at Camelia would be their alfajores de maicena – cornstarch cookies filled with caramel which, like the entire menu, are made in house. These alfajores are a sweet treat that especially the Argentinians are crazy about, and they them for breakfast, birthdays, celebrations, almost everything. The original recipe, of Arab origin, was brought to America by the Spaniards, during the ages of the colonies.

Camelia Art Cafe matcha latte

There are other things in Camelia’s menu like toasts, Benedict eggs or cheese plates, which I haven’t tried yet so I’ll go back sometimes soon. In the meantime, you can check their menu here and find out more from their IG account.

Camelia Art Cafe coffee cups
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