Casa Mas de Miquel

A monumental work of architecture designed in classical style, this edifice is defined by a splendid oval interior patio.

It was known as the big house or the Rothschild house and it was the first large building in Barcelona where reinforced concrete was used. Constructed between 1922 and 1929, the house was financed by the marquis de la Pobla de Claramunt – Antoni Miquel i Costas, a rich industrialist who received the marquise title from king Alfonso XIII in 1925, and owned his widow, Balbina Mas. For many years, the construction housed the Diagonal Tuset hotel, and nowadays is an office building.

The central interior void recalls the Italian baroque, more exactly the shape of the 17th century Palazzo Barberini interior staircase, in Rome. Columns with Ionic capitels hold the stained glass ceiling, while the lower floors handrails are decorated with classical sculptures.

The architect was Domènec Sugrañes i Gras, best known for his collaborations with Antoni Gaudí for Casa Milà or Torre Bellesguard, even though his own projects do not have any Modernist influence except – here, maybe for the entrance gate, an elegant work in wrought iron.

The house stands on Diagonal 520 at the intersection with Tuset street, and faces the chamfer with two twin domes as accent.

Architect Domènec Sugrañes i Gras was also knwn for the expansion work of La Monumental, Barcelona’s former bullfight arena opened in 1914, where he worked together with architect Ignasi Mas i Morell, and for succeeding at the head of the works of Sagrada Familia after Antoni Gaudí died in 1926.

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