In the food and beverages chapter we find, for instance, all major brands, including the local Cacaolat, now an important brand, that was born at Xuclà Street, a small street in the Raval Quarter, in the Catalan Granja Viader, where even today you can enjoy a good snack. In an article in the newspaper El Pais published in April 2011, Mercè Casademunt Viader, the owner of Granja Viader, told about Cacaolat: “My great uncle [Josep Viader] wanted to use skimmed milks, which nobody ate back then. People needed taking fat, so they ate a lot of butter and whole milk. After trying a cold chocolate drink on a trip to Hungary, Viader proposed replicate and fabricate industrially. “He brought a chemist there and started doing tests until they found the formula.”

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