Patatas Bravas | Fàbrica Moritz

Also called patatas a la brava or papas bravas, patatas bravas are a dish native to Spain. The name literally translates to ‘fierce potatoes’ – due to its spicy sauce.

Patatas bravas typically consist of white potatoes that have been cut into irregular shapes, boiled for several minutes in salted water, then rubbed dry and deep fried. They and served very hot with either a spicy red sauce (salsa brava) or a garlic and olive oil one (alioli). This dish is one of the most loved tapa in bars and restaurants throughout the whole Iberian peninsula.

I decided to try the patatas bravas of Fàbrica Moritz for two simple reasons. First, the subjective, is that I enjoy the space and especially the view to the beer tanks room and the green wall of the garden. And second, the objective, because here they make a difference between the two styles of serving the dish.

Here in Catalonia, as well as in Valencia, the potatoes are covered in a sauce made of olive oil, red pepper, paprika, chili, and vinegar.

Patates braves d'aqui, at Fàbrica Moritz
Patates braves d’aqui, or from here, from Catalonia, are served with aioli (allioli or aïoli), the Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil. The names mean ‘garlic and oil’ in Catalan and Provençal. It is particularly associated with the cuisines of the Mediterranean coasts of Valencia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Murcia and eastern Andalusia, as well as in the French area of Provence) and Italian Liguria.

In Madrid, where the dish was created and patented, the dressing is the red sauce, including tomato sauce, vinegar and chili, such as cayenne peppers. However, other ingredients, well guarded secrets by each cook who adds a special something to the recipe, can be added.

The dish can frequently be ordered with a number of extra toppings, the most popular of which include chorizo, chistorra, baked chicken, and fried fish. Another popular variation is the tortilla brava, Spanish omelet topped with the spicy sauce. The same sauce is sometimes served over mussels – mejillones en salsa brava.


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