Blue Project Café: the Raw-Vegan Kitchen of an Art Foundation

An independent platform for contemporary art, Blue Project takes great pride in their gastronomic space that offers 100% organic food and is the first raw vegan kitchen to have opened in Barcelona.


I went to Blue Project in the morning, and what a great start the day it was. First of all, the surroundings are charming, the charming district of Born looks simply amazing in the morning sun.

The Café is unique for at least two reasons. First of all, it’s the cafe of an art foundation, the Blue Project. Since 2013, they constantly present unique collective art exhibitions from private collections, plus personal projects carried out by artists of the contemporary art scene. The entrance is free and the exhibition spaces are directly connected with the cafe.

Then, the Café, the gastronomic space of the foundation, offers 100% organic, raw-vegan and slow food. It is driven by a philosophy of sustainability and healthy living for people and the environment. In their own words: “our recipes are prepared with great dedication, art and good vibrations. Our culinary delights are 100% vegetarian and organic, and we hold the Ecological Restaurant Certification (CAAE) and proximity guarantee (Slow Food).” 

The space is simply beautifully decorated with mix&match furniture items, quotes on art (from Alicia Frames, Italo Calvino or Pieter Vermeeresch, among others) displayed on walls and ceiling, has a generous window seeing inside the kitchen and, above all, features a special, blue touch: a bright cobalt shade of paint, designed as accent on all the vintage, solid wood table tops.


My choice for the morning included the raw-vegan cake, a consistent combination of dry fruit with nuts, garnished with goji and coconut flakes. Plus coffee with almond milk (you can have soy or oats as well).

Other recommendations, here, include the sandwiches with raw bread (the blog of Barcelona Food Experience), or the germinated hummus served on dehydrated apple cookie (Time Out).


Do visit the exhibitions of the Foundation. Here above is my favourite, from the last year, by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, an installation created with cotton knit fabric, semiprecious stones, sand, salt and… powder clove, that gives a delicate perfume to the experience.

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