Several streets of El Born form a kind of a designers’ area, where you can find clothing, art and design 100% locally made. Some of the places are small workshops while others are concept stores, like Ozz.


Ozz is a selection of local trends that are combined in the same space with contemporary paintings, jewelry and accessories. They also have products with recycled materials made in Barcelona. ozz-ext09

At Ozz they carefully choose resident designers in Barcelona and exhibit their pieces to sell. The store is like a fashion gallery where each designer has got their own space and a short written presentation that states the essential about their brand and their concept.


Ozz also include multipurpose areas for pop-up events. IkaIka (above) is a handcrafted clothing and accessories brand. Based on simplicity and comfort, they only use natural materials: wool, silk, linen, cotton. The brand was founded in 2015 and all production is based here in Barcelona.ozz-int02Citizen X (above) is a new contemporary street label inspired by street fashion from around the world and the label define its style as a fusion of cultural trends. All garments are made in Barcelona in limited editions.

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