Paella Cooking Experience @ Travel Bar

Do You Like the Taste of Paella?

Well, While in Barcelona, You Can Learn How to Cook It.



This is a Paella taken from scratch, with shopping included – shopping at la Boqueria, for fresh sea food, and a walk around the market, to see all the ingredients, so you get to know everything that can be used for a Paella.

Then, you have all the steps explained and shown – cutting, chopping, mixing, seasoning, so all you need is to join the kitchen and get the job done. Yes! Cut some of the veggies or clean the sea food, stir, add a bit more of oil, add the rice, or whatever you choose to, just join the game. After all, a Paella is a dish to share.







This is the result, a Paella marinera with plenty of sea food, lots of veggies, with the rice shaken, not stirred (otherwise you would get a risotto, right?) paella which, by the way, is the name of the special pan used for the dish – so the pan gave the name to the dish…


And this is the ‘team in the kitchen’ of this class, with the chef, Andre.





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